Youth and Women Economic Empowerment (YAWEE)

Entrepreneurship Program

We encourage entrepreneurship mindset to youth but drug abuse and alcoholism, laziness is yet another negative consequence of youth unemployment in Tanzania whereby many young people consume drugs to the detriment of their health sometimes resulting in death.

 Business Skills & Entrepreneurship Development ( BSED)

Brings comprehensive employment and entrepreneurship programs to young people and women aged 18 to 35. The programs seeks support from stakeholders and Youth Enterprise Development fund and enhance youth employability and self-employment (formal and the informal job)


Train youth and young adult in technical skills and savings strategies for entrepreneurship and sustainability. Income generating activities (IGA) through popular learning workshops, such as poultry keeping, hand-crafts, tailoring, cultivation and others like Project planning, Business skills, financial management, loan management, communication skills, sale and marketing, business plan, and others. “Use what you have to get what you don’t have” This is our philosophy.

Kuku Ajira

Means Chickens Employment We keeping local chickens as demonstration area and provide specialized commercial poultry training. How to start poultry keeping project, How to build shelters, how to choose chickens, how to make food, how to give them medicine and link them to market. The training aims to motivate women and young people to have entrepreneurship mindset and to start poultry raising projects as a way of generating income and eliminating economic dependency and income poverty.



To bring holistic transformation, welfare and development of the most vulnerable children and youth so as to pave the path for their future success.

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