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Through Art Connect in Arusha Project we are running art education program (drawing, creativity, music, poetry, dance, drama) in schools primary and secondary at the centres also in the streets within Arusha city. We discover and develop local talents from schools, streets and create platform for them to show their ability and how art, music and dance can change the life of children and youth.  Art has been a means of education, awareness raising, increasing knowledge, consciousness, mindset transformation and positive attitudes which encourage constructive behavior and character for children and teenager that can lead to a peaceful co-existence, mutual respect, common goals and aspirations also art helps think through processes, try out new ideas, explore creativity, build self- confidence, self- esteem, self-worth, self-expression, aids in concentration, problem solving, critical thinking and even helps with mathematics. Art can be meditative is so healing. (Art is Therapy) .


Art helps children to learn, to trust their ideas, to create and to explore what is possible.                                                                                     

Art can transmit joy.                                                                                                                                                   

Art can change negative feelings.                                                                                                                            

Art can transform sorrow.                                                                                                                                          

Art can change mind.                                                                                                                                                 

Art can heal heart.                                                                                                                                                      

Art can change character.                                                                                                                                          

Art can change attitude.                                                                                                                                            

Art can be the way to express feeling, thoughts and share skills.                                                                     

Arts can change the negative perception of the world towards the slums.

Art is magic.

Art can inspire social change.

Life is art and everyone is an artist so we give children and youth an opportunity to discover their talent, develop their passion, create their world and to inspire social change through art. The aim of this program is to use the arts to provide education and to advocate for the rights and protection of children and also helps children who are experience loneliness, anxiety, abuse, stress, fear, mental health, depression, grief, trauma from the loss of their loved ones by being around them, counseling them, mentoring them, help them to accept their situation and how to overcome it and building them a sense of well-being to enjoy their childhood and helping them to fulfill their dreams and to live into their fullest potential.

Talent identification & Development will be dealing with the following:–

1. Sports: such as Football, Athletics, Basketball, Netball, etc.                                                                              

2. Academics:  such as Language, Science, humanities, etc.                                                                                   

3. Arts: such as Visual, Drama, Music, Poetry, Dance etc.                                                                                          

4. Business: training on Entrepreneurship, Sales, Management, etc.                                                                   

5. Leisure: Video games, puzzles, etc.                                                                                                                          

6. Social: including Media, Public, leadership, etc.                                                                                                  

7. Technology: cover issues of Computers, Crafts, Electronics, etc.      


Detection, Identification, Confirmation, Selection, Development

-To corporate and rise up children and youth talents from the kinder gate schools to University level.                                                                            

 -Establish a Centre for talents development to the children and youth in Tanzania.                                         

-Participating in International Talents show programs.                                                                                           

-Sponsor and support talented children and youth for further studies.                                                               

-Encourage Parents, Guardians to participate in identification and development of children and youth talents.


To bring holistic transformation, welfare and development of the most vulnerable children and youth so as to pave the path for their future success.

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