Is a free and safe place for vulnerable children and youth (It’s not orphanage center) they just come and go back to their families. Jitambue Kwanza is working hard to reduce over reliance on orphanages to care for most vulnerable children is an effort to provide sustainable child protection systems in Tanzania. Jitambue Kwanza believes families are the best safe environment for children live and to grow up in and works to ensure families have the support they need within the community and at government level or international level to continuing looking after their children. Jitambue Community Centre is a center for children, youth offer home-based care for the mvc children from poor families. This will include food, clothing, material support and medicine also a centre at which the children will come learning, playing and other activities. They will also begin learning basic skills so they will be more ready for school. Even youth and young adults will come for different trainings and we provide parental guides for teen mothers and community as well. This home-based care will allow children to stay in the home, connected with their families, and allow organization to reach more of them. The aim is to create opportunity and conducive environment for children, teens and youth living in slum areas to learn, play and grow mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and to discover talents, develop passion, skills and creativity also prepare them to become leaders, role models, public speakers, positive thinkers, change makers, problem solvers, job creators and to change the negative perception towards slums. Our future plan is to have a center like this in every ward within Arusha regional in order to reduce the high number of children and teenagers on the streets who are wandering and doing nothing to give them the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop their intellectual and behavioral. Through this center we want to bring light in the life of the children and disadvantaged youth in the community.

Free special programs offered for most vulnerable children and teenager / youth who are living in slums areas.


English course and other language.

English club and other subjects.

Computer class.

Library program.

Day care program.

After school program.

Art class, music, poetry, drama and dance class.


Entrepreneurship program.

Life skills program.

Tailoring and designing class

Child rights  and child protection program.

Substance abuse program.

Leadership (Self leadership) program.

Essential skills program.

Public speaking program.

Outreach program.

Mentorship and coaching program.

Mental health and counseling program.

Games and movies program.


Every Saturday we enjoy to meet all the children together ,teens at the center in order to learn, discuss, play, eat, sing, be happy and knowing their development or their challenges at schools and in the family also we are doing outreach program to visit and see where they live. We also often meet with the parents or guardians of these children to discuss together various issues concerning their children and to give them various seminars, trainings on child care, the effects of child abuse, entrepreneurship, project initiation and small businesses in order to reduce income poverty and being able to take care their children with the little they have and remind them their role as parents and guardians.


Planning and implementing various program activities.

Conducting awareness campaigns to make youth aware.

Empowering youth through training on various life skills.

Conducting seminars and workshops on various youth topics.

Leasing with other relevant stakeholders for youth empowerment. Advocating and lobbying opportunities for youth empowerment.

Ensuring that youth voices are channeled from the communities.

Ensuring that youth are involved in the center strategic plan.



To bring holistic transformation, welfare and development of the most vulnerable children and youth so as to pave the path for their future success.

Head Ofiice


Slum Area

Open Everyday 8am-5pm


Contact Us

P.O.Box 1828

Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa

+255  714 279 000

+255  683 279 000

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