I am a child be a friend of my dream (Boys and Girls)

This is a project run at primary and secondary schools even to the streets to encourage children to fulfill their dreams by giving them specific training and ensuring that every member of the community becomes a part of achieving children’s dreams by loving, protecting and caring for them. Also in this program we introduce children’s clubs in schools. And running a special program for girls called I am a girl be a friend of my dream.

An organization worker teaches secondary students Self-awareness training,leadership and how to deal with challenges as part of “Mimi ni mtoto kuwa rafiki wa ndoto yangu”


To bring holistic transformation, welfare and development of the most vulnerable children and youth so as to pave the path for their future success.

Head Ofiice


Slum Area

Open Everyday 8am-5pm


Contact Us

P.O.Box 1828

Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa

+255  714 279 000

+255  683 279 000

[email protected]

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