Family strengthening and community support program are provided at the community level and supporting families at risk to stay together and become stronger through: parenting support, economic empowerment, housing support, strengthening family and social relationships, access to healthcare, protection, nutrition and education services, respite care, to special support for families with children with special needs, and income generation (economic activities). Government, private sector, churches, individuals, donors, policymakers and community can do more to help vulnerable children by investing in family and community support programs rather than institutional care. We can make best investments to help vulnerable children and youth by supporting family and community programs is a better and sustainable way to support vulnerable children than funding orphanages.                                                                                                                                        

THINGS WE DO;                                                                                                                                                           

To encourage children to be raised in their families and communities and not in orphanages.           

Prevent family separation and protect vulnerable families.                                                                        

Provide children with a loving home and continuous care from an adult caregiver.                              

Address barriers and stigma that affect the care of children with special needs.                                         

Give children a loving home and sustainable care from an adult caregiver.                                                      

To encourage family and community to participate actively in contributing to the child’s sustainable development  .                       

Strengthening love,unity and family cohesion.                                                                                                                             

Building economic capacity for families and communities.                                                                        

Emphasize the importance of parents and communities to nurture and protect children.                       

Make the family and community the center of the child’s upbringing, growth and development.                                                                                                       

Having community centers that will provide free education for children and young people to give them the opportunity to learn, grow, play and fulfill their dreams.                                                                       

Connecting street children with their families instead of living in center.                                                 

Helping the children within the family by providing for them basic needs.


 Children are often placed in institutions in order to access education. By strengthening families, support community programs and developing educational services, including early childhood services and vocational training in the community of origin, more children will benefit as well as their wider communities.  


Child protection reform engages the whole community and focuses on ensuring that all have access to basic health services, so that no family places their child in an institution because they need health care.


Families affected by poverty are more vulnerable to separation. Studies show that a majority of the young people who have left children’s homes and orphanages are economically and socially incapacitated. This is a critical indication that institutional care reproduces and amplifies the vulnerabilities it purports to address. Strategic investment in child protection systems with a focus on at risk families can address the root causes of family separation by linking education, health, social protection and other relevant services at grass roots level. This can have significant economic benefits. Strengthening families and supporting social programs is a sustainable way to help children and young people become a strong nation.


The number of young people is big and growing every day and many of them are unemployed or an unreliable income-generating activity do not have the correct knowledge of how to use the opportunities and abilities they have to make themselves self-employed so that many young people stay unemployed, walk around the streets and find themselves getting into action. crime, prostitution, alcoholism, drug abuse.

In view of the extent of the problem the organisation facilitates the empowerment of youth in the economic area by providing young people with training so that they can become competent in entrepreneurial skills, business expertise, how to establish and run the project as livestock, agricultural, technical, business and use their opportunities and capabilities to be self-employed, self-reliant and to eliminate income poverty by youth and society. Through the YAWEE- Youth and Women’s Economic Empowerment project we help young people use their talents, skills and abilities to achieve their economic goals. We also create youth groups and build a culture of savings, lending and helping each other in economic activities.Also through this project we empower women in order to meet their needs within the family and be able to help their children. We also enable them to form economic groups or savings groups.


To bring holistic transformation, welfare and development of the most vulnerable children and youth so as to pave the path for their future success.

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